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The entire code is now public!


PCL is a Poke-card game, although completely different to the Official Trading Card Game. The gameplay mechanics were partially inspired by Inscryption, being pretty straightforward and easy to learn.

After choosing a starter deck, your goal is to travel through Kyoumu, challenging each of the Gym Leaders from the eight major cities in the region, building up your team to reach the ultimate goal, the Crystal League. Along the way, you'll be presented with numerous choices to expand your deck, strengthen your cards, give them unique special abilities, and battle other trainers.

The current release includes all of gens 1 and 2 (but with corresponding Fairy types). The game may be expanded with more content in the future, but there are currently no plans for any further updates. It is fully playable in its current state.

Balancing can be a bit tricky at times, but I'm satisfied with the current level of difficulty, overall. The game is not supposed to be too easy, but challenging to a degree. Nevertheless, balance updates may happen if/when needed.

This project was done ultimately just for fun, and I'm not getting any kind of revenue or payment from it— please Nintendo, let it be!

I hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you have any issues!


Gameplay Tips:

- The outskirts of each city, accesible throught the "Not Ready" button before facing a Gym Leader, feature slightly stronger opponents than the road previously leading to it.

- Don't try to rush through each area unless you're attempting a challenge run. Training on the outskirts a few times before challenging a Gym Leader is recommended to build a balanced and versatile deck.

- You don't need to equip all your Berries at all times. Think about how many you need (approximately), and how often you want to be able to draw each type relative to the entire deck. You can set a specific number of berries with the scroll wheel.

- If the current area feels overwhelming in difficulty, you can visit any previous area by using the flight service available in all cities.

- You can level up multiple cards as many times as you want during a single "Level Up" event, as long as you have enough money and have raised the level cap for your cards.

- Don't add Glyphs to all your cards! A card with any amount of Glyphs costs more Berries than a card with none, so try to keep a balanced deck between single-cost cards and cards with Glyphs.


Keyboard Shortcuts:

- Spacebar: end turn during battle, grab all cards when opening a pack, and skip victory/defeat screen after random battles.
- Tab: sort cards in hand during battle.
- Up arrow key (or W key): hold down to attack with all cards during battle.
- Left/Right arrow keys (or A/D keys): navigate menus (options/deck), and draw cards during battle.
- Up/Down arrow keys (or W/S keys): select number of berries when building deck.


Related Discord Servers:

- Pocket Crystal Discord: https://discord.gg/PEUqB45Hmy
Community-made server for discussion about the game.

- Pocket Crystal League Modding Community: https://discord.gg/zs5ESmqZM8
Community-made server for development and discussion of mods.

If you have a Discord server/channel related to the game that you want me to include here (as long as it's SFW), let me know!


PCL Mods:

Pocket Crystal League +: https://github.com/Hyperion-21/pokecards_plus
A standalone, community-made PCL expansion. Save files are separate from vanilla, so feel free to check it out!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreCard Game
Tags2D, Deck Building, Fangame, Monsters


Pocket Crystal League v1.6.0.0 96 MB
Mod: Pocket Crystal League + (v1.3.1.1) 96 MB

Development log


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if you complete the E4 and grind for card packs you can unlock pikablu

don't believe me? your loss


I love this game! Got me hooked for 3 days! It's super great! I really wish you can keep on upgrading the game!~ By the way, I would totally pay for this




Absolutely loved this game! Such a great idea, with really cool and fun mechanics. It had a lot of heart, felt like a Pokémon game but managed to be unique as well. The music was on point too, really felt straight out of a GBA game. Overall, a really cute and fun experience. Outstanding job would love to see more.

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Close one, the music is actually straight out of a GBC game. It's from the Pokémon Trading Card Game GBC game which I highly recommend, especially if you enjoyed this game.


The early-game is pretty fun, but as you go further and further the amount of damage you have to deal goes higher and higher. Even at just mid-game i found myself deliberately avoiding battles because attempting to break through a 25-health wall that can heal by damaging you took an eternity that i couldn't even guarantee would end in my favor. I liked inscryption because all the battles were fast paced while still requiring strategy, but I can easily imagine myself spending 10 whole minutes on every single battle later in the game.

skill issue

Been having a great time in the base game and just now jumping into the modded version, I'd say it's pretty great Inscryption-like Card game with enough differences to make it it's own beast.

Definitely hope to see an RPG version like Pokemon, but a card game!!!

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A fantastic take on the Pokemon games, we've had a blast playing it so far. Thanks so much for creating it and making it available!


I feel like a Digimon version of this would work very well as well, great work having fun playing it!

There is another bug that break the game. 

This game is very fun and chill but can i ask something?

+)Can u guys do a better searching system to the cards? Its very hard to search a card i want and thats not good.
+)How to find a legendary pokemon? I have almost full coloured pokemon cards so i want to find legendary but although i've spent 4-5 hours to this game but there is no legendary pokemon. Pls tell me if there is a way!

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This game is fantastic. The only thing I would wish would be implemented is actually also type resistence and not only weakness. It gives a lot of depth to type dynamics and I feel it is also one core element of Pokemon gameplay. It would also make it more balanced: there is a clear hierarchy between types, with Ground and Fighting on the top (being effective on 5 other types and weak to 3), and Grass being the worst (effective on 3 and weak to 5 other types). So adding resistence would bring in the existing dynamic between types, adding more depth to gameplay, and would also balance out Pokemons. 

The exception of resistence also makes Leppa berry Pokemons less interesting since that group contains mainly Ghost, Dark, Insect and Psychic types, which are weaker types. 

This is the type-ranking i made (type-advantege, weaknesses):


  • Ground (5, 3)
  • Fighting (5, 3)


  • Fire (4, 3)
  • Water (3, 2)
  • Fairy (3,2)
  • Electric (2, 1)


  • Rock (4, 4)
  • Ice (4, 4)
  • Flying (3, 3)
  • Bug (3, 3)
  • Steel (3, 3)
  • Poison (2, 2)
  • Ghost (2, 2)


  • Dark (2, 3)
  • Psychic (2, 3)


  • Grass (3, 5)
  • Dragon (1, 3)

Then there is more to it than just type-advantage and weakness, for exemple: Dragon-types might be D-tier but most of them have incredibly high stats and its weaknesses (Dragon, Ice and Fairy) are some of the most rare types you can find, especially in the first two generations.

I hope this can be useful!


This is like Pokemon Inscription. and its great


any chance for mac port

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i gave myself some challenges: ( vanilla version )

1) beat the game ( completed )

2) complete the poke dex including all the unown Alphabet ( no yet completed )

3) the all poke cards colored ( not yet completed )

#3 is the hardest to finish -.-'

good luck


I just have 1 thing to talk about:
In deck management, could add the number of selected deck in down left.

I'm wondering if there could be an option to auto-consume berries in order to speed up gameplay?


Better than anything Gamefreak's done lately for sure, really nice game you got here :thumbsup:

Is there perhaps a chance that both versions of the game could be ported to android, maybe? Would that be a possibility?

can add collection sistem to try complet all pokemons

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Played both the standard game and the mod.

The base game is pretty good. I can feel the Inscryption DNA, but it's clearly its own thing, with more focus on card enhancement and keeping up with the increases in the health "scale" over maps.

The mod improves in terms of content and customization, allowing to pass glyphs between cards (and allowing the use of random trash cards as storage), remove glyphs and use campfires as a substitute for sacrifices, letting you get very specific card builds for your deck with less RNG involvement.

I only found two small negatives. One being that it's too easy to skip turns where you can still act (maybe because you obtained DP due to a glyph and failed to notice), but didn't cause huge issues in the long run.

The other is that I'm a bit confused about the purpose of Spruce Trees. While spruces end up at 0/4 and 25HP, and elms end up at 0/3 with 28HP...they seem identical in general. Am I missing something? I feel like it'd be better replaced by a different type so it's not just Grass/Grass/Rock.

Oh, the mod has a wrong sprite for Meowstic (f), it's using Pancham's sprite instead. Meowstic (m) is fine.

Anyway, amazing game with a fun concept, very well done.


I'd just like to chime in here in support of addressing how it's too easy to skip turns where actions are still available.

It happened to me more times than I can remember at this point, usually due to getting DP from a glyph that I wasn't keeping the effect of in-mind.

I'm willing to bet many other players have made similar gameplay mistakes too. It just doesn't feel as obvious as it should be.


Hey, i love the game, well done ! 

i finished the vanilla version with the latest and saw there was a mod, but when i start the mod version of the game, there is no save, is there a way to restore progress with the mod or do i have to start over ? thanks


The mod has a separate save file, so the can be worked on independently :)

I pulled a Missingno from a card pack but I cant find it in my collection. Is it just a fail-safe if the card doesn't load properly or is an actual usable pokemon? If so, where does it appear in pokedex # order?


If playing on vanilla, it should be at the very end of the inventory.

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What are the odds!?

(My avatar and the avatar of my enemy are the same))

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Fair warning. When updating the game, you will lose all progress. 

3 Hour after posting: Never mind, I found a way to restore progress. Sorry for making everyone worry.


On Vanilla? O.o

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No, i think since I'm using the itch app, it swap to the mod instead of keeping vanilla. 


How do I update the game? And how do I restore my progress after doing so?


The itch app auto update games, and to restore progress. You have to click on the cogwheel icon on the bottom right of screen, right beside launch and click on the v1.6.0.0, after that it will install the game with the progress and the mod as separate games. 


I didnt install it through the itch app.


Then you need to download the mod version for the website. You should already have the vanilla version on your computer.


Here is a video that shows you how to install and keep the progress of the mod and vanilla versions of the game.


This game is incredible! Having a lot of fun playing it!

Just wondering if there is a reason I have yet to come across an enigma berry? I've reached the Elite Four and have 2 Articunos but no way of using them

If anyone can provide insight that would be awesome!


Thats interesting, I have 17 enigma berries but not a single legendary. And I never purchase berry packs.

yeah it's strange, I even bought berry packs and havent got anything, thinking I might have to restart my current game :(


This is an amazing game. 1 Thing I'd like to rake your brain around, is maybe the idea of using 2 off berries to substitute for another berry? Like the ability to use 2 Oran Berries for a Lepa berry. I think that would make dual and triple berry decks much more usable.


Found this game through Vinesauce. Looked fun so I decided to try it myself. Absolutely loved it, very addicting. Great work, and I'm looking forward to future updates! :)


Just finished this and I loooooved it. Amazing job


Just finished my first playthrough and am absolutely in love!  I'm also a game dev and would love to discuss potential future updates/collabs or just see how you put this together - do you have any sort of devlog showing your process?  The game is so polished and engaging; I would love to see it taken further.

If you're open to collab-ing, let me know, too! (though I am mostly experienced in Unity/C#)

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I'm not particularly fond of the berries thing, not when there's the whole "2 DP for each main deck card", which for me discourages from making mixed decks and sticking only to decks that uses one type of berry (+ Enigma), rather than risk my already bad luck in getting cards that requires other types of berries.

Maybe there could be a mode where berries works differently, like the pokemon's main berry type boosting them when they are placed on that field and any other that isn't Enigma weakening them instead.

Glyphs are also another thing: I don't feel encouraged to rely on Glyphs AT ALL other than Memento, Tenacity and Lucky on obstacle cards (Rocks, Trees), due to increased Berry costs on glyphed cards. Maybe there could be a different approach: 1st glyph has no increased berry cost, 2nd glyph has increased berry cost, 3rd glyph changes the 2nd berry cost to Enigma berry.

hey whenever i try to start up the game i get this message:




action number 1

of Create Event

for object ob_main:

Data structure with index does not exist.

at gml_Script_sc_config_load


gml_Script_sc_config_load (line -1)


what do i do?

Please read this: https://moodytail.itch.io/pocket-crystal-league/devlog/384929/workaround-data-st...

If that doesn't work, then sadly your data may be corrupted. This has happened to a couple of other players when their systems shut down unexpectedly, like turning off their computer while playing, putting them to sleep, or Windows crashing.

need higher drop rate of legendary, i've opened 200packs and found only Celebi, grinding its annoying, or maybe a sort of a reward, idk, like a route where after beat some trainer u'll get a rare card, like a Victory Road or Mewtwoo Cavern

(1 edit) (+1)

So in order to play a challenge mode, do I have to delete all my data?  There's no way to store saves for multiple runs?  I put a lot of time into my first run, and it'd be a shame to just erase it all.  But I guess there isn't much more to get out of my run if there isn't going to be anything to do beyond beating the elite 4 and the champion.

Also, I don't know what the intention was with the game design, but I never saw any incentive to use pokemon that require berries other than oran.  Pokemon that require different berries don't seem to be any stronger, and don't add anything special to make it worth not being able to use any berry you draw to summon any pokemon you draw.  It's not like pokemon that only use oran are in short supply.

Especially egregious are the legendary pokemon.  I've only gotten a Zapdos, but I assume that its requirement to only summon with enigma berries is something they all have in common.  Zapdos is barely any stronger than other pokemon, and I can't imagine it ever being worth using, considering the limitation on enigma berries in your deck, not to mention how hard they are to find in the first place.  It makes legendaries pretty worthless, unless there's something I'm missing.

hello, been enjoying the game for 2 days now. But today for some reason when I try to launch the .exe file it opens another explorer window that says "open". When I try to open the .exe file nothing happens. Wondering if anyone else experience this? 


Really love playing this game.
I'm on my second round and am trying to collect every card (selling extras and the like to help performance) so I would love a pokedex feature to keep track of cards I've seen, owned and currently have.
Something like a blank list which fills up with every new card you face in a battle, have a gray little dot behind it if owned at some point and a red dot if currently owned or similar.
Doing it manually with an outside tool is kind of clunky so a tracker in game would be neat for that goal.

Hey, i saw in the credits you use somepx's fonts? mind telling which they look so crisp!


Humble Fonts Free, Matchup specifically.


ooh thank you, love the game btw. sweet nostalgia to gameboy days


The Pocket Crystal Discord invite link at the bottom is broken and doesn't work anymore. I saw this played on Vinesauce and I fell in love, downloading it right now!


Fixed, thank you!

I can't find the flight feature to go back a region. I'm just losing one battle after the other without any chances right now...


It's only available in cities! It's an arrow next to the city's name.


not sure if anyone else has noticed whenever you sell a card the cards in the box get shuffled around. not sure if it's a bug or not as it didn't happen in the previous version.


Thank you, fixed it!

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