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Absolutely love the game, but I've run into a softlock. It has given me 3 choices that I can use none of, All of my pokemon are max level, fully evolved and I don't meet the number of pokemon to take on the battle. Is there anything that i can do or is my save file pretty much ruined?


I think the game is too easy. I've completed it in the Original and + Versions and if you grind in some parts (Like 4th and 5th gyms) you can easily go through the entire game.

I love the game, i really like it, but it needs more content, please more content :C


I can't play at all! Whenever I try to launch the game, either basegame or + or ++ I get a "This App can't run on your PC. Check with the software provider" error! 

This is weird cause it ran just fine on this PC before I factory restored it. I'm running Windows 11 if that helps!

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I like the UI, very friendly and easy to learn! Unfortunately the gameplay is kinda boring (a lot of pokemons do the same, the berry mechanic isnt as interesting as how the squirrels work in Inscryption. It's mostly a grindfest to level up all your cards, meanwhile in Inscryption you have limited time and have to choose the best usage of ressource. The scribes should be the most important point of cards but they are only small icons on the card.) I also think Inscryption made the right choice by being asymetrical, you can plan/predict what the opponent will do/whats coming, whereas here you cannot.


The delete all save data feature on pocket crystal league ++ is kind of bugged and in some gym or league fights the game will crash if u have a lot of cards. The rest of the game is 10/10 congrats!



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i dont know if it is just me but the unlimited challenge mode is bugged in crystal ++ and it gives me this error code when i select my pokemon into my deck.




action number 1

of  Step Event0

for object ob_card:

local variable dupemax(100521) not set before reading it.

at gml_Object_ob_card_Step_0


gml_Object_ob_card_Step_0 (line -1)

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You can talk to the mod dev in their Discord server, listed in the links here! I don't know if they check these comments.


thing get better and bette


A mobile version would be awesome!


Is it possible to get this made on linux? I played it on windows and would love to see it on linux.


Haven't played the ++-Mod yet, but base game and + work like a charm with wine.

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Can confirm PCL++ also works.

Since you don't know about Wine and apparently used Windows until recently (and I want to help others getting into Linux gaming :-D), I'll assume you're a new user and give you a short tutorial.

To play, install wine if it isn't already, then download and unzip the game and start it with "wine PATH_TO_UNZIPPED_FOLDER/Pocket\ Crystal\ League\ ++\ \(v2.3.0.0\)/PocketCrystalLeague.exe".

You might want to rename the folder to avoid the escape characters, or just use an alias. For example, if you put

alias pks++='wine ~/Downloads/Pocket\ Crystal\ League\ ++\ \(v2.3.0.0\)/PocketCrystalLeague.exe'

in your .bashrc (and change the path accordingly), you can start the game by simply typing "pks++" into the terminal.

Alternatively, you can add the .exe to your Steam library and play it with Proton (compatibility tool for Windows games on Linux, based on Wine).

Hope this helps, have fun!

do you have any clue why the game would run with just a black screen on wine with mac?

No, I know nothing about mac.

I have used wine many times in the past, i jsut really dislike uising it as it takes up way to much space on my computer. (i only have 30gb storage drive) I did try taking the source and compiling it into a linux excutable, that didnt work one bit lol.


Lots of fun! Suggestion - you should incorporate ideas from the TCG like "Double Energies" (maybe Double Berries that grant 2 of a type?) That would make pulling from the berry deck a bit more fun. Also (I think someone suggested it here) auto berry cost payment if you have the berries would be a nice QoL improvement.

I think I have the hang of not ending my turn without attacking ;_; still would be nice to be able to set it to automatically do that!

Lastly - now that I have more pokemon, I'm really wary of entering a sacrifice or glyph screen without the pokemon I had in mind on the team. Maybe allow picking from 'benched' mons on those screens?

Thanks for the great game!


It's a beautiful game. Is there any chance of releasing an Android version?


I can't really find much strategy or thinking in this game. it seems to me that the only thought really is in picking the card that grows in stats the most when you level it. the abilities are rendered useless because they make your card cost 1 more, so the game kinda just revolves around stat points and that's it. I think I'd appreciate it more (though it would take much more work) if every card had a power to begin with, making it more similar to how Pokémon is already.
This is just my opinion, and if your target audience isn't supposed to be people who like strategic thinking or decisions then don't listen to me. How this game is now though, I assume I'm not the target audience, and I like strategy games.


"Hey author, pretty plz drastically change the game to fit my idea what the game should be!! :))))"

and what should the game be?


Yeah reading this post again, I sounded a lot more like I was putting down the game than I intended... I guess I didn't really get the game, but like I said maybe I'm not the target audience


I think it is pretty good for the category of game it is. It is similar to most board games. Enough depth that you can play a couple of times and have fun, but once you master it it becomes trivial.


WOW! This is soo col! 

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Hey! If anyone is interested, I created a very simple python script that makes transferring saves easier.

I made it for myself originally as I tend to move between my laptop and desktop quite frequently, but designed the script to work with any computer.

Really makes it less of a headache :P

EDIT: It's only designed for the Mod save FYI


Do you still update this game because it's really good


Thank you! There are no more planned updates at the moment, but I still check back here from time to time. Maybe in the future!


This game is fire


I like pokemon!!!


I like pokemon too!




if you complete the E4 and grind for card packs you can unlock pikablu

don't believe me? your loss


I love this game! Got me hooked for 3 days! It's super great! I really wish you can keep on upgrading the game!~ By the way, I would totally pay for this




Absolutely loved this game! Such a great idea, with really cool and fun mechanics. It had a lot of heart, felt like a Pokémon game but managed to be unique as well. The music was on point too, really felt straight out of a GBA game. Overall, a really cute and fun experience. Outstanding job would love to see more.

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Close one, the music is actually straight out of a GBC game. It's from the Pokémon Trading Card Game GBC game which I highly recommend, especially if you enjoyed this game.


The early-game is pretty fun, but as you go further and further the amount of damage you have to deal goes higher and higher. Even at just mid-game i found myself deliberately avoiding battles because attempting to break through a 25-health wall that can heal by damaging you took an eternity that i couldn't even guarantee would end in my favor. I liked inscryption because all the battles were fast paced while still requiring strategy, but I can easily imagine myself spending 10 whole minutes on every single battle later in the game.


skill issue


Been having a great time in the base game and just now jumping into the modded version, I'd say it's pretty great Inscryption-like Card game with enough differences to make it it's own beast.

Definitely hope to see an RPG version like Pokemon, but a card game!!!

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A fantastic take on the Pokemon games, we've had a blast playing it so far. Thanks so much for creating it and making it available!


I feel like a Digimon version of this would work very well as well, great work having fun playing it!

There is another bug that break the game. 


This game is very fun and chill but can i ask something?

+)Can u guys do a better searching system to the cards? Its very hard to search a card i want and thats not good.
+)How to find a legendary pokemon? I have almost full coloured pokemon cards so i want to find legendary but although i've spent 4-5 hours to this game but there is no legendary pokemon. Pls tell me if there is a way!

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This game is fantastic. The only thing I would wish would be implemented is actually also type resistence and not only weakness. It gives a lot of depth to type dynamics and I feel it is also one core element of Pokemon gameplay. It would also make it more balanced: there is a clear hierarchy between types, with Ground and Fighting on the top (being effective on 5 other types and weak to 3), and Grass being the worst (effective on 3 and weak to 5 other types). So adding resistence would bring in the existing dynamic between types, adding more depth to gameplay, and would also balance out Pokemons. 

The exception of resistence also makes Leppa berry Pokemons less interesting since that group contains mainly Ghost, Dark, Insect and Psychic types, which are weaker types. 

This is the type-ranking i made (type-advantege, weaknesses):


  • Ground (5, 3)
  • Fighting (5, 3)


  • Fire (4, 3)
  • Water (3, 2)
  • Fairy (3,2)
  • Electric (2, 1)


  • Rock (4, 4)
  • Ice (4, 4)
  • Flying (3, 3)
  • Bug (3, 3)
  • Steel (3, 3)
  • Poison (2, 2)
  • Ghost (2, 2)


  • Dark (2, 3)
  • Psychic (2, 3)


  • Grass (3, 5)
  • Dragon (1, 3)

Then there is more to it than just type-advantage and weakness, for exemple: Dragon-types might be D-tier but most of them have incredibly high stats and its weaknesses (Dragon, Ice and Fairy) are some of the most rare types you can find, especially in the first two generations.

I hope this can be useful!


This is like Pokemon Inscription. and its great


any chance for mac port

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i gave myself some challenges: ( vanilla version )

1) beat the game ( completed )

2) complete the poke dex including all the unown Alphabet ( no yet completed )

3) the all poke cards colored ( not yet completed )

#3 is the hardest to finish -.-'

good luck


I just have 1 thing to talk about:
In deck management, could add the number of selected deck in down left.

I'm wondering if there could be an option to auto-consume berries in order to speed up gameplay?


Better than anything Gamefreak's done lately for sure, really nice game you got here :thumbsup:

Is there perhaps a chance that both versions of the game could be ported to android, maybe? Would that be a possibility?

can add collection sistem to try complet all pokemons

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Played both the standard game and the mod.

The base game is pretty good. I can feel the Inscryption DNA, but it's clearly its own thing, with more focus on card enhancement and keeping up with the increases in the health "scale" over maps.

The mod improves in terms of content and customization, allowing to pass glyphs between cards (and allowing the use of random trash cards as storage), remove glyphs and use campfires as a substitute for sacrifices, letting you get very specific card builds for your deck with less RNG involvement.

I only found two small negatives. One being that it's too easy to skip turns where you can still act (maybe because you obtained DP due to a glyph and failed to notice), but didn't cause huge issues in the long run.

The other is that I'm a bit confused about the purpose of Spruce Trees. While spruces end up at 0/4 and 25HP, and elms end up at 0/3 with 28HP...they seem identical in general. Am I missing something? I feel like it'd be better replaced by a different type so it's not just Grass/Grass/Rock.

Oh, the mod has a wrong sprite for Meowstic (f), it's using Pancham's sprite instead. Meowstic (m) is fine.

Anyway, amazing game with a fun concept, very well done.


I'd just like to chime in here in support of addressing how it's too easy to skip turns where actions are still available.

It happened to me more times than I can remember at this point, usually due to getting DP from a glyph that I wasn't keeping the effect of in-mind.

I'm willing to bet many other players have made similar gameplay mistakes too. It just doesn't feel as obvious as it should be.


Hey, i love the game, well done ! 

i finished the vanilla version with the latest and saw there was a mod, but when i start the mod version of the game, there is no save, is there a way to restore progress with the mod or do i have to start over ? thanks


The mod has a separate save file, so the can be worked on independently :)

I pulled a Missingno from a card pack but I cant find it in my collection. Is it just a fail-safe if the card doesn't load properly or is an actual usable pokemon? If so, where does it appear in pokedex # order?


If playing on vanilla, it should be at the very end of the inventory.

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